The Rotary Club of Albany City was previously named “The Rotary Club of Albany East”. We were Chartered by the Rotary Club of Albany in 1969
FRIENDSHIP HOUSE (A long term project for the disabled and their carers) A BRIEF OUTLINE The original idea came from one of our Rotarians in Roger Payne. At the time we had been sending needy families to Perth to enjoy a week’s holiday at the Scarborough Rotary Clubs "Beach Home" for the underprivileged. The Government was running a scheme called the Australian Assistance Plan and we' decided to forward a submission. At the time there was a four bedroom home available in Rowley Street at $10,600.00 and this was the figure we applied for. A lengthy submission was prepared by Rotarian Ross Tassicker which would bring tears to your eyes. Some months later we were elated to be advised that our application was successful and the full amount of $10 600.00 was advanced. This incidentally was the largest amount given to any organization in the region. The Board then pondered the question to buy or to build and it was decided to approach the Emu Point Reserve Board for a block of land and build if land was available. Our second surprise was the gift of a block of land in quiet Hunter Street. Before we could hold a Title Deed for the site it was necessary for the club to become "Incorporated" as a registered organisation. We then set about organizing to build an approximately 11 square three bedroom house in double brick and tile for about $11 000.00. Building actually commenced on the 25th October 1975 and the classification of several members was really put to the test, it was a combined effort of all Club members with many working bees and hours being put in. Special mention should be made of the time and effort given by Martin Brock in both drawing up the plan, organizing sub-contractors and supervising our Rotarians throughout the construction, also Rowley Evans who pitched the roof and carried out some carpentry work.
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